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Back at his place with full bellies, we sat on the couch and watched a classic Christmas movie on TV. Halfway through, I retrieved a glass of water and knelt at his feet, sitting back on my heels.

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It definitely hadn't been like this in my head. Then again, hardly anything with him went the way I expected it to.

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Eventually, I whispered, "Why me?" "Hmm?" His fingertip traced the ridge of each of my cheekbones. "What do you mean?" "Why pursue me.

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I cried out, my body twisting beneath him while his fingers and thumb sought their goal. When they found it, he pressed and circled inside and out at the same time.

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More that Chris didn't know about. My trip to the doctor three days ago had been two-fold: I'd wanted to check out the consistent rasp in my breathing; and I was scheduled to have my first ultrasound.

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By the time I had, it had been a month. I checked my credit card bill and saw the room charge wasn't on it.

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